10:00 - 10:50

Vortrag: Anna Borduzha – MABRIAN – Travel Intelligence for Smart Destinations

Main points for the presentation.”Providing answers based on real-time data”

  •  Travel intelligence is key to combat uncertainty
  • Current Key Indicator
  • Real Cases study how the Mabrian platform is helping destinations to make better strategic and operational decisions and monitor the results.
  • Lates tourism global trends based on real-time data

Mabrian Technologies offers a Business Intelligence platform focused exclusively on the tourism sector. It simultaneously combines several information sources to perform a multivariable analysis to provides answers to key questions based on real-time data, identify and predict tourism dynamics on a global scale.

Quick Info

  • 7. October 2021
  • 10:00 - 10:50


Anna Borduzha

Business development manager at MABRIAN - Travel Intelligence for Smart Destinations